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Frequently Asked Questions

Liability forms, signed by a parent or guardian, are required to use the facility.

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  • I've never been here, how does this work?

    Come into CyberZone and visit our counter. Our guest services specialist will ask you how many people you have, and how many games you might want to play. Pay for your games and then you will be taken into the laser tag arena where our Game Master will brief you on how to play and how to use our equipment. After all of that, which takes 5-10 minutes, your game of laser tag will start!

  • How long does one game of CyberTag last?

    Each round takes approximately 20 minutes.

  • How old do you have to be to play?

    Laser tag is for guests over 42" tall, or at least 6-years-old. Smaller children find the laser tag equipment too heavy to carry around for 20-minutes, and many times they drop the phaser on the concrete floor which can cause damage or break the equipment. Also, the vest can slip over their narrow shoulders, pinning their arms in, and causing a tripping hazard. Younger chlidren are often afraid of the large arena, the black light atmosphere, and the loud music and fog.

  • How many people do you need to play?

    The more the better, but even 4 players can enjoy laser tag. Up to 36 can play at one time.

  • I've got a group, and we want to be the only players in the arena. Can we play with amongst just ourselves?

    Sorry, we cannot guarantee you and your group will be the only people in the laser tag arena. You might be playing against another group, or you may have other people on your team. To run smoothly and keep wait times low for all customers we group all general public and walk-ins together

  • When is the best time to come if I want a group to be able to just play ourselves?

    The best times to bring a group that just want to play in the arena by theirselves is Tuesdays - Thursdays, but even those days are not a guarantee. If you really want to play alone, you must have at least 36 players, or book one of our Private Events.

  • Will I be on the same team as the people I came with?

    Usually yes, but there are instances when you may not. In this case, the CyberZone cast member is trying to make the game fair and fun for everyone.

  • Does it hurt when I get shot? Am I out of the game?

    It doesn’t hurt at all! If you are tagged in the front or the back your vest will vibrate lightly and you will be de-activated for 6 seconds. If you are tagged in the shoulders or phaser then you will be stunned for 4 seconds. You will be able to see the seconds count down on the back of your phaser, so use this time to find cover and get ready to get back in the action. (The deactivation times may vary with the game format you play).

  • Can the lasers burn holes in your opponents?

    Yes! Well, actually, no…. Our lasers comply with all FDA regulations regarding laser safety; they will not burn a hole in anything. Additionally the laser beam cannot stay on indefinitely, so they can’t cause eye injuries either.

  • There are mirrors in the arena; can players be shot off them?

    Yes, the laser will reflect off the mirrors and tag other players.

  • Can you deactivate yourself?

    No, not even through a mirror.

  • Can we only play team or free-for-all games?

    Team and free-for-all games are the two basic game types. For the advanced players we also have an assortment of special game types including Snipers, Capture the Flag, and Juggernaut.

  • Why can’t we run?

    Our “No Running” rule is in effect for the safety of customers. Blacklights combined with black walls add up to some walls that are nearly impossible to see. Also running around corners can lead to a collision with another player, which could hurt somebody.

  • What is the phaser the Game Masters carry with them used for?

    If a Game Master tags you with this gun, you will receive a penalty. This helps to ensure that the rules are followed. A minor penalty is 15 seconds, a major penalty is 40 seconds, and on your third offense you will be removed from the game

  • What are the various awards that players receive at the end of a game on the score screen?

    • Best Accuracy – Player who had the best hit percentage.
    • Worst Accuracy – Player who had the worst hit percentage.
    • Trigger Happy – Player who fired the most.
    • Sloth of the Match – Player who shot the least.
    • Best Shooter – Player who hit the most people.
    • Best Target – Player who was hit the most.
    • Most Vicious Back Stabber – Player who hit more people in the back than anyone else.
    • Most Stabbed in the Back – Player who got hit in the back the most.
  • What does the information on the screen found on back of the phaser (gun) mean?

    • Codename: The name you are being scored by.
    • Hits: How many times you were hit during the game.
    • Rank: Overall rank of the game.
    • Shots fired: How many shots you made through the game.
    • CH: Channel of the vests (for employee information)
    • Battery: Battery life of the vest (for employee information)
    • Photons: How many photons you have left.
    • Shields: How many shields you have left.
  • What is all the smoke? IS THE BUILDING ON FIRE?! Is it harmful?

    No, our fog is a water based solution and is only used for effect to help see the lasers.

  • What is the point of hitting the opponents’ base?

    This gives you and your team some extra points. To put this into perspective, when you hit someone in the chest or back, you get 200 points. When you hit someone in the shoulders or phaser, you get 50 points. When you hit the opponents’ base, you get 1500 points.

  • Can I play in high heels or barefoot?

    Good luck. Your feet will be throbbing after the game! Barefeet are prohibited.

  • Why isn’t the megablaster going off when I shoot it?

    There could be two things happening- Most game types only allow you to set off the megablaster twice a game. Another problem could be that you are not close enough to the megablaster to set it off. It may look like you are shooting the megablaster from a distance but you might be shooting the rafters, wires, and pipes that are in the ceiling.

  • What are photons?

    Photons are a vest feature used by TAPPING the button on the front left of your vest. You do not need two hands to use this feature, so simply aim your gun, press the button, and you gun will shoot a quick burst of lasers. You get two photons per game.

  • What are shields?

    Shields are another vest feature used by HOLDING the button on the front left of your vest for three seconds. Your vest will say “Shields activated” and you will have 10 seconds of invincibility to shoot the opponent. You get two shields per game.

  • Can the bases shoot back?

    No, the bases cannot shoot players

  • Can the flashing lasers shoot us?

    No, the additional lasers in the arena are simply light displays and cannot shoot players.