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VIP Player Portal

See how you rank! Check out the top scores & learn more about our VIP Program!

CyberZone is one of four BETA test sites for this exciting new VIP Program in the entire world!

Custom code name, avatar, ranking, achievement unlocking, power-ups and more!

Become a CyberZone VIP Today!

Get Started

STEP 1: Purchase a VIP (Very Important Player) card from guest services. This is a one-time purchase, and is currently only $1.25 while in BETA testing

STEP 2: Visit www.playcyberblast.com

STEP 3: Click "Create an Account", fill in the member info, select a home arena and avatar

STEP 4: Join a Game - you're a new VIP! Bring your VIP card with you each time you play!

Unlock Achievements and Power-Ups

Each time you play laser tag, you earn VIP Points and Achievements. Unlock more than 60 Achievements  that will display on your online Trophy Case. Redeem VIP Points for special Power-Ups that remain active until you choose to activate a new one.

Online Score Sheets and Game History

Access your detailed score sheet the instant your game ends. View your entire game history online, and know both your CyberZone arena and Global rankings.

Extra VIP Perks

We are adding VIP specials to further enhance your experience - including VIP discount events and access to play a wide variety of exciting Game Variants not available to the casual player! More details coming soon!

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    Check back with us!

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See how you rank! Check out the top scores & learn more about our VIP Program!